Coronavirus Vaccine Update


Update as of October 26, 2021

Hi everyone,


We are providing Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccine booster shots.  To determine whether you are eligible please refer to the CDC Guidance (make this link to


If you'd like to get a COVID-19 booster please send the request to Advise what time frame you're available over the next few weeks and confirm which booster you desire. You may request and receive the flu vaccine at the same time.


If able please bring your COVID-19 vaccination record for updating at the time the booster is received.



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To make an online payment you will need your patient ID number, your zip code, and our client number 10023171.co1


As Primary Care Physicians we provide first-contact, comprehensive and coordinated healthcare for our patients.  We also offer the following services:


    • Medicare Annual Wellness Visit (click to learn more)

    • Pre-surgical Physical evaluations (Preop)

    • ​Examinations for Employment/School/Travel

    • Immunizations

    • Electrocardiograms (EKG)

    • Pulmonary Function Tests (Spirometry)

    • Pap Smears

    • Removal of Warts and Pre-Cancerous Growths with Liquid Nitrogen

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